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Quick-drying Dog and Cat Towels Soft Fiber Towels

Quick-drying Dog and Cat Towels Soft Fiber Towels

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"Ultimate Pet Bath Towel: High Absorbency and Versatility in Four Sizes"

1. This product boasts a high rate of water absorption, making it a perfect post-bath towel for pets. After use, it can be wrung out and hung for drying, ready for its next use. 2. Once dry, it can also be used as a pet matt or blanket.

Product Size

25-25CM     -------Suitable for hamsters, as well as newborn dogs and cats
60*30CM     -------Suitable for small dogs and puppies
100*50CM   -------Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs and puppies
140*70CM   -------Suitable for large dogs


use: Absorbent towels for dogs

type: Pet bath towel

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Polyester

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